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Moving Mountains -new plant based burger!


Moving Moutain - The Flexitarian burger!

After 3 years of development, Moving Mountains has created a signature burger patty that replicates beef in taste, texture and overall satisfaction.

Unlike other traditional veggie and plant based burgers, the Moving Mountains Burger is:

       The most succulent and juicy plant-based burger on the market

       Its meat-like texture can fool some into believing that it’s real beef

       It bleeds and browns like a real beef burger

Try it yourself!  You will be surprised how “real’ and delicious it is!

To order or request a sample, please contact the sales office on 9387 8844 or contact your Sales representative!

Check out the Moving Mountains website for more information on this amazing product!







To download the full PDF files, click the links below:

Moving mountains product brochure

Moving mountains cooking and serving brochure